Career and Technical Education (CTE)

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Business Law

High School

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge of some of the vital legal concepts that affect commerce and trade, after first gaining some familiarity with how laws are created and interpreted. Students will then be introduced to the types of businesses that can be created to engage in commerce as well as the contractual and liability considerations that can impact a business. Laws that affect how a business is regulated will also be reviewed, particularly the impact of administrative rules and regulations on a business. Global commerce and international agreements, treaties, organizations, and courts that can affect business will be discussed to get a better sense of what it means to "go global" with a business.

Careers in Allied Health

High School

Allied health is the term for the area of healthcare (and health care professions) that provide support and care services other than specific doctoring and nurse care. At times, the line between allied health and "non-allied health" may seem to be separated by level of degree/education, although this isn't always true.

Counseling and Mental Health Services

High School

The mental health field is diverse. There are many different options available to those interested in working in the counseling and mental health field. This course introduces and exposes the students to some topics, issues, and populations that are related to the counseling and mental health field. Students will first receive information about on the history of the mental health system in the United States and about some common mental illnesses. They will then explore different counseling and mental health topics, populations, mental health needs of these populations, and work place settings. Some topics and populations discussed are addiction, dual diagnosis disorders, vulnerable children, different vulnerable populations, and mental health issues in the criminal justice system. Some workplace settings of counseling and mental health workers analyzed are the criminal justice system, school systems, acute psychiatric care settings, community mental health centers, and child protective services.

Early Childhood Development and Services

High School

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is an introductory course offering a detailed overview of both developmental stages and areas of early childhood, and how early childhood education professionals provide optimal assistance during these important years of growth and learning. An examination of the history, theories, teaching models, research, and policies that grew with the advance of early childhood education, as well as an introduction to the achievements of many leaders in this field, provide students a thorough grounding in the science and practice of early childhood education. This course further provides students with keen insight into why these years are so important to the life of the child, what areas of physical, emotional, and cognitive development are manifested from birth through age five, and what developmentally appropriate practices are proving to be most effective.

Family and Community Services

High School

This course introduces applications within professions related to Family and Community Services. Students will identify degree and credential requirements for occupations in this pathway and identify individual, social, historical, economic, and cultural context to increase awareness of family and community services. Students will seek develop the abilities necessary to evaluate and identify a range of effective communication strategies and skills for establishing a collaborative relationship with others. Students will also complete a variety of projects to apply your skills and knowledge.

Food and Beverage Management

High School

This course, an introductory Food and Beverage Management course, is designed as an overview to prepare students for F&B core courses and to introduce them to specialty areas. Students will learn the basics of food service management and operations with an emphasis on the fundamental values of hospitality and responsible management. We will examine where the industry began, current best practices, and future trends.

Food Safety and Sanitation

High School

This comprehensive course will cover the principles and practices of food safety and sanitation that are essential in the hospitality industry for the protection and well-being of staff, guests and customers. The course will provide a systems approach to sanitation risk management and the prevention of food contamination by emphasizing the key components of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety system. After successful completion of this course, students will be prepared to meet the requirements of state and national certification exams.

Forensics: Using Science to Solve a Mystery

High School

This course is the overview of modern-day forensic science careers at work using science concepts to collect and analyze evidence and link evidence to the crime and suspects in order to present admissible evidence in courts of law. Modern-day forensic science practices have come into being thanks to the contribution of science and legal professions seeking ways to study crime scenes and criminal activities in an effort to stop crime. Of particular interest in this course are the various applications of medicine in the field of forensic science.

Fundamentals of Computer Systems

High School

The Computer Fundamentals course will provide students with an understanding of computers and how they operate as well as a basic understanding of how to manage and maintain computers and computer systems. These skills will provide students with the ability to configure computers and solve computer problems.